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Choosing an electric cook top can be relatively confusing. Do you choose the coil-type burners? Do you want a glass-top? Which type will provide you with a more controlled heat? What is easier to clean? Will one last longer than the other? Our blog will provide you with all sorts of information to assist you with choosing the electric range for your kitchen. You will find information about all of the different types, brands, styles and sizes of ranges available for residential use. As someone who has gone through this process a number of times on my own, it is my hope that what I have provided here will simplify your purchasing process and help you find exactly what you want and need.

Buying A New Stove? What You Should Know

14 February 2022
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As new appliances go, choosing a new oven and range top can be one of the more exciting options. There are so many different models and styles that the choices can seem staggering. If you're in the market for a new stove and are trying to decide on the right solution, there are some things that you need to think about. Here's a look at some of the key considerations to help you get the stove that is the best fit for your needs. Read More …

Do You Need New Laundry Appliances?

11 February 2021
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When laundry appliances for sale show up in your local social media pages or in the newspaper, you need to pay attention. You might be ready to buy a new washing machine or dryer — or both — and not know it. Are you in need of new laundry appliances? Use this guide to help you know if your washing machine and dryer are on the decline because even if they still have years of life left in them, you'll need to know when it's time to replace them. Read More …

Tips To Keep You Safe While Grilling This Summer

22 May 2019
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When you buy a new grill, you'll need a few supplies to go along with it. What will you need to use your new grill safely and efficiently? Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get everything you need for a summer of great grilling. Read the Owner's Manual Before you even get the steaks out, stop and read the owner's manual from cover to cover. There will be a lot of information in there about safely using the particular grill that you own. Read More …

Why Is It Ideal To Get Commercial Laundry Equipment For A Retirement Home?

23 December 2018
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If you have a retirement home that is opening in a few weeks and you already have plenty of people who have signed up and put down a deposit to live in the home, you are probably trying to go over everything while making sure you have all the different things your residents are going to need. If you have not already purchased commercial laundry equipment, you should certainly start looking around at what is available and then purchase several pieces of equipment. Read More …

Things You Probably Didn’t Know Frigidaire Made

13 November 2018
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Frigidaire appliances once only referred to refrigerators. The company has come a long way since then, offering much more than just refrigerators. However, the company moniker seems to have stuck in a lot of people's minds; many people still think that the company only makes refrigerators. To change that idea, here are a few products you probably did not know were made by this company, in case you want to buy something other than a refrigerator. Read More …